Edinburgh Lodge No. 736
A.F.&A.M.   G.R.C. (Ont.)  -  Ottawa District One  -  Instituted June 11, 1983

A first-class military lodge with Scottish Traditions

Origins of Edinburgh Lodge

Edinburgh Lodge Past Masters

1983-1984 V.W.Bro. Walter D. Hughes *
1984-1985 V.W.Bro. Walter D. Hughes *
1985-1986 V.W.Bro. Clifford A. Churchill
1986-1987 W.Bro. Charles M. Alexander
1987-1988 W.Bro. Charles M. Alexander
1988-1989 W.Bro. Donald G. Armstrong *
1989-1990 V.W.Bro. Lawrence R. Crooks
1990-1991 R.W.Bro. Edward B. Williams
1991-1992 V.W.Bro. Stefan Stadler
1992-1993 W.Bro. Douglas Stevenson,
1993-1994 W.Bro. Norman T. Cromey
1994-1995 W.Bro. Frank B. McGregor
1995-1996 V.W.Bro. C. Duncan Carroll
1996-1997 W.Bro. Michel J.S. Sastre
1997-1998 W.Bro. Douglas Traynor
1998-1999 W.Bro.Thomas O. Baker
1999-2000 R.W.Bro. David A. Ganderton
2000-2001 W.Bro. V. Joseph Pelisek
2001-2002 V.W.Bro. Allan J. Quinn
2002-2003 W.Bro. Alexander M. Lewis
2003-3004 V.W.Bro. C. Duncan Carroll
2004-2005 V.W.Bro. Allan J. Quinn
2005-2006 V.W.Bro. Stefan Stadler
2006-2007 W.Bro. Douglas Traynor
2007-2008 W.Bro. Brian E. Ham
2008-2009 V.W.Bro. William H. Eastwood
2009-2010 W.Bro. Pierre Naud
2010-2011 W.Bro. Réjean Paquette
2011-2012 W.Bro. David Wardle
2012-2013 W.Bro. David Van Vlaanderen
2013-2014 W.Bro. Shane Livingstone
2014-2015 W.Bro. David Gibson
2015-2016 W.Bro. Shane Livingstone

2016-2017 W. Bro. Mike Ashman

2017-2018 W. Bro. Daniel Chartrand

2018-2019 W. Bro. Brian Hay

2019-2020 W. Bro. David G. Brown

Edinburgh Lodge No. 736, A.F. & A.M. of the Grand Lodge of Canada (Ontario) was instituted on June 11, 1983.

The idea of forming a new lodge arose from discussions held over a period of time between a group of militia, military, and ex-military brethren.  The intent was to provide a Masonic home for brethren who were members of the Regular Canadian Forces, the Reserves (known then as the Militia), servicemen of any country who were resident in Canada, the RCMP, Coast Guard, servicemen on temporary duty, as well as any ex-military brethren, or civilians of like mind.

On July 21, 1982, W. Bro. Garth W. McElree and W. Bro. Robert Borrowdale, Master and Immediate Past Master of Temple Lodge No. 665 respectively, attended a meeting of interested parties at which they expressed enthusiasm for a new lodge.  A sponsoring resolution was moved by R.W. Bro. Leonard Westwell at the regular meeting of Temple Lodge in September, and was passed unanimously.

The first officers of the new lodge were W. Bro. Walter Hughes (Worshipful Master), W. Bro. Joe Johnson (Senior Warden), and Bro. Cliff Churchill (Junior Warden).

On December 17, 1982, a petition was presented to the District Deputy Grand Master, R. W. Bro. R. Campbell for transmission to the Grand Master at Grand Lodge.  Thirty six names appeared as petitioners, including Most W. Bro. H.O. Polk, later to become a Grand Master himself.  Dispensation to form Edinburgh Lodge was granted April 21, 1983.  The date of June 11, 1983 was set as the date of institution.  A large number of visitors attended the meeting. Edinburgh Lodge No. 736 was instituted by R.W. Bro. Campbell, and the new officers were placed in their chairs. Following the ceremony, many gifts were presented to Edinburgh Lodge. Among the gifts presented to the new lodge was a bible by W. Bro. Garth W. McElree.

On January 26, 1985, Most W. Bro. Dr. Ronald E. Groshaw, accompanied by many members of Grand Lodge, presided over the ceremony of Constitution and Consecration for the new Edinburgh Lodge No. 736.

The Brethren of Edinburgh Lodge congratulate its founding officers, and the officers who have succeeded them, ably maintaining a steady masonic progress over the years.  The following motto is appropriate:

                                                             "Coming together is a beginning.
                                                              Keeping together is progress.
                                                             Working together is success."

Special thanks to W. Bro. Paul Naish, a past historian of Edinburgh Lodge, for his assistance providing this historical information.